Pride gloating, sorrow talking, euphoria singing
Sentimental truths pouring out of lively places
Hidden places that hide under callous rocks
Speaking to us like the wild rain in its ranting
Inherited sources that live within our blind eyes
Alien streams that fall down misty mountains
Virgins speaking from the highest peaks
Spirits moving through crowded forests
Tears telling stories stored in ancient caves
Of astounding heroism and influential sorrows
Of moods climbing their way to the surface
And proclaiming the mystery of the soul
Each tear, one word, one story of one moment
One pleasure, one sadness, one laughter
We open our hearts to the vulnerability of pure emotion
We roll with the laughter and weep with the sorrow
The heart of life surrounds us with its tender arms
Takes us to its bosom and pleads to the spirit
“Emotions, run thy course.
Flood thyself with tears.
Run with the streams from the highest peaks
Cry, cry, cry.  Let it go, let it go.  
Don’t be ashamed of yourself
Thou messenger of the spirit, that holy place
That lives underneath, but outshines them all
The truth that knows no other but the truth.”
Cry, cry, cry

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