Grudgeman plodding up the hill
under the weight of a
lifelong grudge
with a shooting pain
in his aching back,
and an increasing hostility
in his painful heart that worsens
with each and every step,
bypassing friends and strangers,
advisors and priests who
want to ease the load,
who can see the hatred in his eyes
and a thirst for revenge on his mind
for the one who did him wrong,
the one he plans to murder,
but the only one who could
help him rid his pain,
the only counsel he would listen to,
the only person
he grew intimate with,
the one whose intimacy he reviled
but at least it broke through to
his impenetrable heart
where strangers couldn’t touch,
the spot that’s there for
forgiveness to enter
and replace the hatred
that pulls him back
from the joy he needs
for a wholesome life.
For Grudgeman it’s hard to forgive,
but easy to say “I forgive you.”

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