The Mouth

Passing through salivating lips, life’s sustaining ingredients move toward them to be processed.
Rivers flow into them and lose their identity as they disappear into larger bodies.
Words are passed out of them as thoughts are transmitted.  Kind words are in direct communication with the divinity of the soul.  Some words lose their sanctity when they travel through avenues conditioned by spite.  The longer the path, the more intense they grow.
Some mouths are adorned by alluring colors and shapes to attract the opposite sex to them.  They kindle the fires of love.
Some are fervent portals that caress the fleeting melodies that flow through.
Some mouths are windows to the soul.  Happiness conditions the environment and awaits its joyful response.  Some mouths disguise what the soul contains, and hope for a joyful response.  Some mouths are formed by anger and expect its retaliation or hope for other people’s intimidation to come about.
All in all, mouths are vital to life and the communication to others.

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