I See it Coming
A hundred yards out at sea
A sight to behold, a perfect wave
It grows two fold and looms above
A mountain of granite as it may seem
No mercy on its steady approaching
My heart pumping through my chest
My adrenalin surging, my madness singing
Here it comes, Neptune’s rage closing in
I caught the wave just before it broke
And climbed aboard at my own risk
Then I found the tunnel, that beautiful churning
As it sparkled in the sun above my head
The pipe was grand until the calming
Until that mighty mountain became a ripple
Surfing is for the adrenalin junkie
The intrepid, the adventurer, the romantic
The aquatic, the bold, the mad
The spirited, the lover, the fearless
The brave, the poetic, the pacifier
He is the conquistador of the swirling sea
(el oceano agresibo)

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Robert L. Martin
quasi 5 anni

Thank you, Robert. I used to body surf while I was watching
the surfers

R. L. McCallum
quasi 5 anni

Great poem. I love the ocean; it is so inspiring!

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Cory Garcia R. L. McCallum

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