Internal Deception

Deep down inside
beyond the scope of judgment,
the workplace of the devils
or paradise of the angels
or the battlefield of the two,
or the abode of both together,
the borrowing from one another,
the envy of each’s characteristics,
the lack of knowledge about them,
the feeling yet to be felt,
the immaturity in the souls,
the giving in to the other,
the fusion of good and evil,
the inherited thrill of the good
from the soul of the bad,
are miles away from the surface,
the source of a fool’s judgment,
a portrait of beauty
basking on the surface,
shimmering in the sun,
drinking in the rays
and emitting them
through the skin,
the embodiment of
heaven on earth,
an early angel,
perfect proportions
of face and body,
a sighting of such beauty,
an acceleration of the senses,
a lifting up of the body
and feeling it floating
through space and time,
a mesmerizing of the heart,
a blinding of the mind, a judgment past upon the whole,
the surface,
the facade of the turmoil within
the arena of internal deception.

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