Broken Heart
Young man, I know what you feel
A hurt like no other hurt before
Like a pain in the form of a canker
That takes over your being as it
Burrows its way down to your soul
Though the way of love is uplifting
It can also lower you into the deepest pit
All you have given in the name of love
Comes back in the name of mockery
As love crowned you at that first moment
It also dethroned you through her apathy
I have known this woman before
Her voice was like the hymns of angels
Her smiles were like a magnetic peace
That drew me into her silky arms
And kneaded me until I became pliant
Then she wrapped her tentacles around me
And left me gasping for my dignity
I followed her into the fields
And held onto the hem of her garments
As she led me into the city
I was as lost as a schoolboy
In search of myself
As the pain of love is as fierce as a charging lion
The comfort of it is in the reciprocal calming
Filling your spirit with a sacred bliss
That lifts you up to the realm of the Gods
She is sometimes an angel sent from heaven
But sometimes an enchantress
Rising out of the dark secret caves
On the move from one victim to another
Beware my friend with a broken heart
Beware, beware

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