When the itch calls for a remedy,
There’s nothing better than a scratch,
That magical abrasive rubbing,
That simple stroking of the fingernails,
That ancient instinctive cure,
That self prescribed physical therapy,
The most soothing of all soothing,
The highest of all highs,
The paradise of all paradises,
The oasis in a searing desert,
The ecstasy of all ecstasies,
More ecstatic than sex,
Then flying in a dream,
Than riding on a cloud,
Than being inside a sunset,
Than riding on the sinking sun
And floating on the horizon,
Than soaring back into the sky
As heaven fills up my lungs,
Then sitting on a star
And waiting for the dawn,
Then laying on a soft cloud
On a lazy afternoon
And feeling the texture
Upon my back.
Oh, that wonderful feeling.
I feel so wonderful.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thanks Nelson. I tried so hard to describe how I feel when I scratch an itch. What a wonderful feeling it is.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

A couple more”Ah -“ lines and you’re back in scratch paradise doubly happy with more ecstasy than sex.
Keep that itchy feeling, keeps us alive for sure.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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