Look out Mr. Tom, here he come,
The killer man with the axe on the run.
He cometh your way, so run and hide,
No time to think, no time to decide.
You’re the turkey he’s coming to get.
Thanksgiving’s the time, don’t you forget.
Life has been easy up until now,
But today you are the one tasty fowl.
Pretend you’re dead and lay down still.
Maybe another turkey is up for the kill.
Your life is in jeopardy, poor Mr. Tom.
Maybe you’ll be lucky and he will be gone.
But if you’re chosen, you’ll make his day
A Thanksgiving memory
That will never go away.

This is for the "Belt & Beyond" magazine for the Thanksgiving Day issue.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Tom, the Thanksgiving hero.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

First things first: We should give thanks to Mr. Tom before we sit for dinner -

Thank you Mr. Tom for making our day
Truly a Thanksgiving we wish you could stay
But some gentleman from long time ago
Saud you’d be on dinner table nobody said no

Like. Thanks Robert

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Nelson D Reyes

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