Located inside the big round city
is the house in the laugher’s square,
where laughers laugh and laugh
and laugh and laugh and laugh.
Come you and throw open
the polka-dot door.
Go inside for the pickled tickling.
If you don’t laugh,
they’ll tickle your feet.
Then if you don’t laugh,
they’ll bring you some
monkees smoking cigars,
or purple hyenas, weird giraffes,
horny hippos, micro elephants?
If you just do a “heh-heh or
a subdued ”tee-he," they’ll
roll you down the aisle until
you get the gist.
If you don’t get the gist, they’ll
ship you off to joke school.
And don’t come back until
you’re a qualified laugher,
you joke nonresponderer,
party pooper, laughing interrupter,
joke flunker, less than one on a
scale of ten rated joke makers,
lullabyers and putters to sleep man,
boring, tedious, flat.
If you’re still one of the above
listed joke nonlaughers
or nonmakers, just stay away.

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Robert L. Martin
7 months

Thanks Charlotte. Laughter leads us through the day.

Charlotte B. Williams
7 months

Guess I better learn how to laugh, very funny and interesting to read.

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