Layers and Layers

Layers and Layers
They lay under the influence of each other
From the inner in its vulnerability to a
Fresh new layer, not yet as conditioned
Until in time they will swim against the tide
They will hide from themselves
And never rise again
Fold their wings and sit in the shadows
Fade away like the snows of spring
As pure emotion stays locked
As if inside dark tombs
Pretense is an outer layer with outer feelings
The end reached by the sum of its parts
Each part telling the next to cover its ears
That the end is that sober thing called truth
That forbidden thing that makes you regret
Smilers smile at strange things not happy
They laugh at jokes that are not funny
They cry when the world is to laugh
They forget what laughing is all about
They forget the reality of pure emotion  
Too many layers have gotten in the way
Too many layers have covered up
That beautiful thing called reality

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