Xmas time to be bright and cheery,
To be smiling and jumping with joy,
Riding in a one horse open sleigh,
Cutting down a Xmas tree in the forest,
Decorating it with tinsel and silver bells,
Putting presents underneath,
Inviting friends and relatives over,
Drinking a toast to such wonderful people,
Singing carols with gusto and joy,
Smiling at Fred
Even though you don’t want to,
But you are supposed to,
That no good for nothing bum
Who married your daughter,
Sitting down for a “friendly” Xmas meal,
Taking the burnt turkey out of the oven,
Kicking the screaming brats out of the room,
Leering at your ex-wife across the table,
Smiling and throwing daggers at her new beau,
Cursing at your neighbor
For his dog eating your chickens,
Cursing so loud that the cops came,
Kicking everybody out of there,
Trying to calm down and relax,
Eating a box of tranquilizers,
Trying to get to sleep,
Getting up the next morning
And staring at the mess everybody left,
And cursing while cleaning it up,
And looking “forward” to doing it
All over again next year.
‘Tis Xmas time, the time to be merry,
The time to be bright and cheery,
Oh what a wonderful time we had,
A wonderful time for what?
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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

I went to one of those a couple of years ago.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

I guess you’ve done and been to these gatherings many more times than I did.

Fun and funny! Exactly the poem to cap the year and repeat-more get together next. Thanks Robert. Like.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

That picture that’s Robert De Niro at the head table. Forgot the movie title. Captures the “joy” of Xmas dinner.

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