That seed that demands its constant nourishment
Planted by the hands of the Almighty
That seed that will wither and die if neglected
Planted by the hands of the Almighty
That seed that goes by the name of knowledge
Harvested by those who seek its yield
Those who know the value of intelligence
Is planted to gather up as much as it can
Intelligence seeks to find an able assistant
For those with no desire or curiosity
To bring the sun and the rain
To nourish the seed that needs its growth
Libraries, created by man for man’s salvation
With all the intelligence to sustain his growth
Lauds his initiative and weeps for his despair
Always there to help him find his way
Books of hope and encouragement
Line their shelves
With compassionate eyes
For the betterment of humanity
Like cathedrals for the praise of God
And the strengthening of the spirit
We owe our worth to what
Libraries have done for us
And what libraries and God
Have made us into

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