Passing Through Hands

At the church meeting last month, they voted down a gift from one of the members who had a rather undesirable lifestyle.  He had to explain where the money came from. He was involved with a group of gangsters.  The money was a generous gift, but because of his involvement, they couldn’t accept any donations that passed through evil hands.  
Money from its inception goes through numerous hands anyway; some evil, some righteous, some happy, some sad, some greedy; an assortment of various personalities, all passing it on to the next in line.  Like a river being called dangerous, it is sometimes calm.  Money called evil is sometimes righteous.  If a dollar could talk, it would have many interesting stories to tell.  
One time it sailed through the air as a briefcase flew open during a gun battle.  One time the blood stains had to be washed away, so it could be passed on again.  One time it was given to a little girl after she cleaned her room.  One time it was given to a homeless man after he begged for it.  One time it was awarded to the lucky one who had the winning ticket at the raffle.  One time it was given to a prostitute for her services.  One time it helped a friend pay for his operation.  One time it lay in a collection plate at church, given unto the glory of God.  It passed through many different channels like a river does.  
How could the church have voted down such a generous gift, which they desperately needed anyway?  God oversaw all transactions that were going on when the money was being circulated.  He blessed some and condemned others.  They go on all the time with or without his blessing anyway.  Life goes on in its free will manner just like it has for centuries upon centuries.  Nothing is totally righteous.  All we can do is try to make it that way.

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