Little Seed

Little Seed

You are so little, you could lose yourself among those that matter, as you are just one seed that stands alone.  Acres upon empty acres laugh at you as you cringe beneath their heavy feet.
Don’t cry little one.  Your potential is imbedded in your spirit.  From obscurity to relevance are those who have a strong desire in their hearts.  You will rise mightily, flex your muscles, and spread your wings in due time.  Acres will stand amazed at your ability to flourish and yet submit yourself to a greater power that depends upon your input to gather up their subsequent strength.
As the sun and rain, the eyes and tears of God, supply you, and Mother Nature guides you along the way, you have nothing to fear.  They are your eternal bindings who always have your welfare in their hearts.  Your pain will be their pain, and your joys, their joys.

Little seed, not so very little
Futures bright and grandiose
Those who doubt your abilities
Are those who doubt themselves

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