On the Prowl

On the Prowl

Since man’s basic instincts are similar to animals, his sexual desires are also.  He has no control over them.  They are controlled by our creator who gives him the desire to procreate.  The only way he can abstain from it is to force himself through reasoning to subdue his desire.

Since a woman is of child bearing age, the development of her sexual organs, she is of the age to be vulnerable to sexual desires and also to respond to them.  As long as she is of age, she is a target of desire from the opposite sex, where pleasure is the dominate force, and unless it is controlled, it will break down its ability to abstain from giving in to it.

Since man was created, he has continued to be a prowler through no fault of his own.  He just responds to his feelings that he inherited through creation.  There is nothing wrong to desire intimacy with the opposite sex when the sexual organs reach their maturity.  Since man is a natural prowler, it is difficult for him to have a platonic relationship with a woman, though it is easier for her to have one.  It makes it hard for her to understand why men are so aggressive.

Man and animal have to retain certain basic instincts, or it will throw off the balance of nature.  Women have to remain maternal and empathetic to her children, and man must continue to provide a safe home.

Animals and all creatures must continue to be ruled by instinct alone.  There is no other way to create and raise the young.  Man must try to be civil and controlled by reasoning, and woman must remain maternal.

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