A hard fought game is comprised of winners; those who play up to their potential.  They have confidence, self-esteem, and ambition.
Even the losers are winners, in order for the game to be competitive.
Both are, under the eyes of God, living up to his expectations.  They utilize every aspect of their body to the best of their ability.  Their minds and bodies are at the peak of their performance.  They show their appreciation for their God given attributes by making the best of what they have.  
Losers who give up on themselves, give up on life and God.  They were created to find and nurture their talents, which were bestowed upon them.  If their bodies weren’t made to play sports, at least their minds have to remain diligent in order to reach their potential.  Intelligence remains available for them to reach out and take.  If they are limited as to what they can learn, at least they can be useful by being generous and attentive to other people’s needs.  They can be productive in the most minimal ways.  
If they totally give up on themselves, at least God hasn’t.  He still nurses their wounds, provides food for them, and remains to be there when they reach out for him.  Even though they are miserable, he is still their friend; there to help them in time of need if they want it.  
God’s love is nonjudgmental
It stops before no one
Friend or foe
Losers or winners

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