What a man is he, alright. He stands out in front of everybody including his place in the alphabet; from the Bs all the way to the Zs. His name, Aaron, earned him that distinction, but his attitude caused him to be very lonely at the top.
He doesn’t speak to the rest, but speaks over them with his loud haughty voice. When someone speaks, his mind is competing with theirs. When they have something to add to his one sided conversation, he cuts them off for fear that they might say something more intelligent. He doesn’t listen, but instead overpowers them in speech. Conversation is an informal interchange of thoughts and ideas, and not a reminder of one’s superiority over the other person.
He buys lavish gifts for everyone for special occasions, not caring about what they need, but as a token to boost his esteem. What they need is someone to listen to them. How can you fill and empty void in the heart with material objects?
Poor Aaron; what he and his inflated ego don’t know about communication, friendship, humility, and life. He has a lot of learning to do and a lot of people to listen to. Everyone has knowledge about something that another person doesn’t.
Ditch diggers can teach about soil composition to brain surgeons. Everyone is superior yet while being inferior; overbearing while being humble. In front of the alphabet is his name, but in back of the Zs he stands with his attitude.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

I admire someone with intelligence, but not someone who doesn't listen to what intelligence that I may have. If I do have some he doesn't want to know about that.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Condescension disguises in many forms, situations. Patronizing betrays superiority like an abundance of kindness one gets from acting like an idiot or smart.

So many Aarons out there with extra initials after their names that make you cringe when they talk...the know all themselves betraying their stupidity only they know how to do. Ha!

Like. Thank you Robert.

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