Music of squares and angles,
geometric calculations,
dexterity, intricacy, intelligence,
from mechanical schools,
academies of higher education,
scales at prestissimo speed,
dexterous fingers sailing
along the beaten down keys
faster than they can echo,
a race against the nervous time,
the pulse of the thrill rider,
the pumping of the frantic blood,
the running to places
and getting there before
sitting down to relax,
music of love and colors,
of fragile tears,
of the petrichor of the rains,
the ambrosia of the
tired tempest,
the rainbow hanging
o’er the quiet valley,
the mind of the music lover
who waits for the music to breathe,
to fall in love with the breathing,
to caress it with sensitive fingers
oh little bird of brittle wings,
a slow dance along the keyboard,
the pianist becoming the dancer,
the dancer floating up into space,
and space becoming the new music,
and the music lingering in the heart,
and the heart becoming
suffused in love and colors,
the blossoming of
the quiet and patient breathing.

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