The inside voice in an outside man
Of stammering speech as life began,
A child of the times but a father of music,
A rapid advancement as the years slowly tick,
Calling heaven’s language from deep inside,
The music lands with wings astride.
Birdman sings through an incoherent mind,
Such coherent music of the gifted kind.
With all his faculties finely tuned,
The music fills the empty room.
It wanders through the silent air
And lands in the heart of dear lady fair.
The genius of the times or not at all,
But he leaves the audience totally enthralled.
Birdman has a voice of artistic desiring.
But does he know deep down inside?

I wrote this about a singer on "America's Got Talent" show last night. He was blind and autistic, but had one of the most greatest voices I've ever heard. He could hardly speak, but he sure could sing.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

The Rainman 2019. He seeded the stage cloud with gold. Fantastic out of this world savant. I must say there is no way anyone of us can hold our emotion. The gold confetti was showered upon us all. And that’s how related we are with Kodi and the people he sang to.

Thanks Robert for your beautiful poem for the Kodi Lee’s of the world. Like. Fave.

over 1 year

My wife and I saw the same guy via a Facebook link. Yes, he could barely speak, but he could play the piano and has an amazing singing voice.

My wife cried. It was heavenly!

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