With your baton you
Blend colors with colors and
Moods with moods
You pull rainbows out of the
Skies and glorify
Them through sound.  You
Tame the tempest
With silent whispers
That bestill the rage.  You
Write sonnets for lovers
To swoon by.
With your magic
You transform deserts
Into rivers, indifference into
Tears, apathy into passion, and
Bring inspiration to the inspired.
You pull life out of matter and
Give it to the one that lies asleep
On his bed.  You flap your wings
And hover above his pillow,
Then whisper rhymes in his dreams
You are the conductor
Remembered for breathing life
Into the notes written before you
Caressing and placing them in the
Hearts of all who listen to your music
God be with you, Mr. Maestro

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Norman Goldstein
almost 6 years

your words are music to my heart...great

Cory Garcia
almost 6 years


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