A wealthy distinguished man was sitting with his family on the veranda overlooking his finely trimmed hedges that outlined his copious flower gardens.  Like his fingernails, everything was manicured and looked like it was a photograph from a prestigious magazine.  His children were gathered at his feet as they listened intently to what he was saying.
“Money is only a small piece of paper with numbers written on it.  The higher the numbers, the more damage that can be done.  It is like the bigger the army, the easier it is to conquer.  The enemy is the minds of humanity that lose control of themselves; providing that they were weak enough to let it happen.  Only small pieces of paper can control countless destinies of its inheritors.
Money is a shrine to some, an instigator that breeds corruption to others, but a convenience shared by all. The lack of it will lead some to hunger or transgression, and an overabundance of it can lead others to gluttony and selfishness.
It tests your morality and sees if you are fit to handle yourself throughout your inheritance.  It rewards you for your ability to control yourself and not let its wickedness control you.  It can summon the darkest corners of the mind to rise and take action, and you could become a segment of the universal malice that tears at the virtue that lives in the heart of God.
It teeters on the fence that separates good from evil.  It could fall either way.  It is a force that drives each one to his own destiny.  Money makes it possible to fulfill your furthest dreams.
If you let saintly justice, sanctioned by the will of God, reign as the guardian in your soul, it shall become your steward and can also oversee your concept of what you yourself deem to be fair
from your transactions, an evaluation of worth.  The amount of money is constant, but the distribution of it is inconsistent.
In the marketplace, he who knows how to fill your outstretched hand and he whose hand is to be filled, shall be joined by a common bond that unites each other with the heart of God.  If your joy from that transaction becomes a spiritual messenger and fills his heart with joy, he is in control of what money did to him.  He is obedient to the laws sanctioned by saintly justice, that inner voice that prohibits you to take action from your wrong decisions that stray from that righteous path that God leads you upon.
My children, you will be inheriting my fortune, made through my hard work and obedience to the will of God.  Use it wisely and let his spirit guide you and continue to monitor how you use it.  Please let my advice sink into your desires and become a part of your future decisions as what to do with it.   Be wise, careful, and God-fearing.”

From my book entitled, "In Reverence to Life."

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