Miles Apart
Other sides of exotic fragrances
From a love too weak to hold onto
Stretching faith across too many oceans
Where other arms are too easy to find
Lovers left behind, holding onto dreams
Of love and its eternal stronghold
When the first kiss was a permanent seal
When fairy tales were true to life
Miles apart hide the heart’s transpirations
Desires can be let out into the open
To roam, to seek, to love, to covet
Fidelity breaks from its once proud grasping
A lament to life and its unfair rules of love
To where it needs its constant diligence
If vast oceans could shrink to a quiet rivulet
It would allow love to expand to a vast ocean

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Benjamin G. Sangalang
almost 5 years

"Out of sight out of mind"; disastrous consequences. Sad truth in amazingly powerful expressions.

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