Powers beyond, in strength she gathers
All that sleeps in empty rooms
As full moons dance and fragile oceans
Rise into the eyes of the morn’
With lines of steel in her teeth of granite
She surveys the earth in its fetal slumber
Laughs at the weeping forests in their prime
Reaches out with steady hearts and sure hands
Kisses the earth and drinks the heaving waves
Her home is built upon eternal sands
That drift in the sky and oversee centuries
She gathers all earthly matter to her breast
And sings lullabies as oceans go to sleep
She is the paradise that shines in the mist
Where sailors float up to heaven for a kiss
She is the Venus of all matter in the skies  
With eyes that grab all that lies beneath
Her strength knows no weakness
She is a lion among all lions,
A collector, a mother, a seductress,
A poet, a huntress, a mountain, a planet,
An open mouth, and a hungry heart
She is our eternal moon, that
Constant floating beast from the sky

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