Your eyes that grabbed a hold of me
Casting nets into an open sea
Blowing kisses like the wind in the sails
Like roving zephyrs and softened gales
Like the moon that pulls the tides
I gravitate to you on my thrilling rides
My heart knows where to stay on course
I submit to love’s eternal force
To love’s domain we sail together
Through silky seas and perilous weather
Where lovers go to feel love’s hand
Pulled through high tides to a holy land
Gravitation, my sacred magnetic journey
Into your loving arms with fires burning
I am totally in love with you, Mi’ lady

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Thanx, Tony and cmiller

Tony Hill
over 5 years

Enjoyed you poem, Robert, especially the metaphor in the second line.

over 5 years


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