My Love-Mobile  
Hi ya there, Toots
How about a ride in my
Love mobile?
I finally washed it and
Scraped the crud
Off the windshield
I got the music goin’
On the radio if
I can get it to work
I got some sandwiches
That I made last week
I stole some beer so
We can get wasted
I got a rose for you that
I picked from your garden
I got ten bucks that
I won in a crap game
I washed my underwear
In the kitchen sink
I took a bath so
I wouldn’t stink so bad
I took some medicine so you
Won’t have to smell my farts
I borrowed (stole) a
Candy bar from a kid to give you
I painted my sneakers with
Sexy red paint
Isn’t that romantic?
I did all those things
Just for you
Won’t you please ride with me?
We can go to the garbage dump
And shoot some rats
We can have a spitting contest
To see who can hit the tin can
We can smooch in the junk yard
Go fishing at the cesspool
We can have lots of fun
If you step inside my Love-Mobile
We can go to all those great places

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