Ultimate Fighters

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to Fightville Arena.  Tonight we have an all out war on the card with not only two, but four contestants, all fighting until the bitter end with no holds barred.  We have the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, and the Hindus.
The Christians and the Hindus were fighting about how many Gods there were.  The Jews and the Muslims were fighting about what God is; a spirit, or God (Allah), being the one severe judge.  The heated battle lasted for about 4,500 years.  There could be no winner declared, because they were all lying on the canvas at the end.
Then there was a rumbling in the clouds, and some invisible specter could be heard hurtling down toward the earth.  After it landed on the canvas, it materialized, and three phantoms appeared before the audience.  Their names were God, Allah, and Brahman; so the three of them were each declared the winner.
Upon accepting the Championship Belt, they were asked to give a speech.  With their loud, authoritative voices, they said in unison.
“We three are at the same place where you all are striving to reach in your lives.  What you call us or how you get to that place doesn’t matter.  If you are sincere and uphold your beliefs in a benevolent manner, no matter what it is, you will find us.
Thank you for the Championship Belt.  We shall dedicate it to all religions, because without them, God and love would be insignificant; therefore would not be honored.”
Then as they ascended back to the sky, everyone returned to their home with a new awareness about religions in their unification; God as the unifier and love as the vessel.

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Norman Goldstein
about 7 years

wow...you won all the rounds...I cheer the champs
and the courage of the referee..............


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