Marilyn my Marilyn or whoever you are,
You with your loveliness and plastic smiles,
Your gates are covered in perplexity.
Your deep seated mystery lies behind your eyes;
Pools of sadness, deceit, wickedness, trickery,
Beauty, charm, magnetism, and sorcery;
Your rivers flow with the devil’s command.
You hide your treachery with your vulnerability.
Your skin speaks to me with a velvet tongue.
Your white thighs are private islands so far away.
They bring me to the shores and laugh at me.
My heart races with the tempest
And sinks into the abyss.
I’m a rag doll riding with the foam on the waves.
My world is an up and down ride to the summit.
It hinges on the edge of your temperament.
It breathes with the air of your air.
It rises with the magnitude of your smile
And the opening of your gates,
But sinks with their whimsical closings.
Marilyn my Marilyn or whosever Marilyn,
You sing with the angels and waltz with the devil.
You belong to the mysteries of the deep blue seas.
Do you live inside with a peaceful heart?
Does the devil within you light your torch?
Do you play with him like you played with me?
Do your thighs open up to his command?
Do you remember me, the one you threw away?
The one who was charmed by your smiles?
The one who stared at your silky smooth skin?
The one who screamed in silence for a touch?
The one who thought you were his one true love?
The fool who you threw away and forgot?
Marilyn oh Marilyn, where did you go?

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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Marilyn sure was a mystery alright.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

How one wishes his true love opens her silky smooth white thighs sans his commands!

In your dreams she replies. :-))

Like. Erotically mysterious. Thanks Robert.


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