Beyond the veils and high up higher,
Where another world sits over the clouds,
An empty space with nothing to show,
Or an overflowing busyness of the saints?
A cathedral floating with the spirits?
Another intelligence hidden by the mist?
Another sun above another horizon?
A language unknown to our contented ears?
Or just silence and a signal to the heart?
Or a transpiration of a mood or desire
Undetected by earthly beings?
A bliss succeeding all blissful moments?
A truth exuded by a sainted heart?
An everyday mood of the enlightened one?
A religion founded by the pursuit of love?
Of spiritual desire and brotherly affection?
Where mankind was an inquisitive bystander?
Amazed by the phenomenon of heaven?
An explorer climbing on the ladder?
A scholar waiting at the door of the beloved?
A religion waiting for its consecration?
To live in the mystic skies above?
And rain down upon the wistful earth?

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

All kinds of happenings going on up there

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Surreal yet real images. Realities above the clouds we do not see, the twilight zones in the parallel exoplanets.
Like. Thanks Robert.


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