Old father time with lips of blue
that attach themselves to the heart,
that suck the youth out of the spirit,
that put visions in the mind
of lighter days behind
and dark days ahead,
takes residence in the heart and soul,
ever speaking to the spirit,
persuading it to follow his ways,
to give up the life of vitality
and surrender to the
languorous days ahead
in preparation for the waning days
like the proud oak tree
shedding its leaves
as the trumpets of winter
announce its arrival.
“Go away father time, go away.
I stand proud in my stubborn youth.”
so says the inner voice
that speaks to the ear of the soul,
the heartener of the spirit
that forever rides on the backs
of the tempest
and races with the lightning,
that swims with the sharks
and challenges the angry waters,
and fights hand and hand with death
and the white wings
that take him away
to the mausoleums in the sky,
the home of the defeated
and the deceased.
Life is a never ending plan of
future days ahead with an attitude
to live them out with enthusiasm.

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Robert L. Martin
10 months

Hi Isaac, Kahlil Gibran is my main man. I guess it is in a way his influence that influenced me. Did have a nice Thanksgiving?

Isaac Eustice
10 months

This reminds me of Kahlil Gibran a little bit, a grittier Kahlil Gibran. I love it!

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Isaac Eustice

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