The Wicked

From the garden out into the world
Lady in the night and thighs unfurled
Passion fingers at the raising of the skirts
Hearts jumping through heated shirts
Boys in the sighting in the quiet nights
Sirens moving to love’s seductive rites
Dancing with skirts flailing in the air
Moving in on boys, such sweet lady fair
Kisses on the cheek and growing hotter
The heat of the night with Satan’s daughter
Wicked tongues and fingers in the flesh
From languid spirits to feeling refreshed
Traveling to the groin thru heated river beds
As love speaks in tongues of black and red
Boys are flown up high by the wings of love
With their hearts in the hands of her above
Her mission accomplished on earth so it goes
She moves thru the night as the starlight glows
Young boys are left brokenhearted.
‘Tis she, who came and then so departed.

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