Why Me?

It was the termination of a long day of living when the sun became tired as it sank into the sea, exhausted from holding Mother Nature in its hands.  Although she is kind, she can be very demanding.  Even the mighty becomes weary from such an arduous duty.  Such is the life of the sun.  
In a village that sits in the land that surrounds the sea, there was a small modest house. In it was an old man who knelt over his lonely bed in prayer.  His sad eyes told a story about the joy that passed him by all his years.  It left him with a feeling of incompleteness for his long life.  Joy had always remained out of reach from his heartfelt hands since he can remember.  Now they reach out for mercy.  His prayer was about the story of his lonely life.
“Dear God.  Why me?  Why have you chosen me?  I could have been happy all those years.  You placed an inner eye in me that can see the unseen.  You lured me into a world of beauty that remains out of reach for the insensitive ones.  You flaunted it in front of my zealous eyes and led me to it.  Things seemed to be just ordinary until I saw them up close and their true beauty and delight appeared to me.
You kept it hidden in the music, and I was the only one who could hear it with the ear of my heart.  The faintest sound of it warms me up.  Rich harmonies are like an inspirational hymn to me with their sweet tones and moving parts like the motion of crimson sunsets.  It seemed that you wanted someone to appreciate it and so you chose me, because there was nobody else left to do so.  
Those left over people are the ones who were popular in high school, the ones who all the pretty girls gravitated toward as they called them with their handsome faces and big boisterous voices.   They didn’t know anything about them, but added them to their collection like a butterfly enthusiast does to his collection. They were incapable of knowing anything else about them besides their beauty.  They seem to be your chosen ones to be happy but empty.  You chose me to be sad, overly sensitive, but full.
Through my life I have worked very hard at my craft and satisfied myself spiritually to the fullest.  I’ve kept myself humble but at the same time proud.    I’m not a rich man, but at least I know that my life has been fulfilling in the way I want to live it and be remembered for it.  It was sad but full spiritually.
Even some of those happy chosen people are satisfied with what little they know and what they let slip by their understanding.  Their craft can only be completed up to a certain point; what they can accomplish through their limited comprehension, but maybe that is enough for them.  But why have you chosen me to be so sad? Why me? Amen.”

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