The Warning
Take heed, ye fearless men of the sea
Turn your heads and hear my plea
A storm is brewing, so stay home and wait
The fish’ll still be there, you hear me mate?
We don’t see any danger up there ahead
The skies are blue, so that’s what you said
It’ll be smooth sailing to be what may
What harm could come if we all disobey?
Out to sea we went to find the fish
Come hell or high water to get what we wish
But along the way, black clouds were stirring
Angry seas in their lashing, in their swirling
We spun around like a merry-go-round
Thunder clapping, what a frightening sound
To our amazement, we came out O.K.
What fools we were to go out on this day
When we are told to stay at home
Next time we will stay at home

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