Out of my System

Since human beings are natural born bigots, they must continuously work it out of their system throughout their lives. When we were born into that sin, it is our rightful duty to grow out of it as best as we can.
We are like a herd of animals, where kinship is a natural bond.  Any animal from another herd is an outsider until its presence is accepted in time.  We realize that outsiders are just like us.  Until then, we are in a constant state of extrinsic evaluation, where comradery is still an uncomfortable state to be in.
If we tap into our God-selves, our sub-conscience where the Holy Spirit reigns in our souls, we find that we are better than we think we are.  We are capable of seeing us as being an outsider in their eyes.  We both have merits and faults.  We can visualize ourselves through another dimension; therefore, the only difference between us is in what we look like.  
God said to love thy enemy, so I began by loving myself.  I did my best to reason bigotry out of my system.

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