Standing before the tainted altar,
the unhallowed temple of the beast
from the chapel of pleasure,
adorned with red and black windows,
with gargoyles protruding from the walls,
serpents slithering through each other,
red canopies high above the rumpled sheets,
blood of the slaughtered lambs
dripping down upon naked bodies,
bed of the orgies and assorted debauchery,
slaves of love’s lunacy,
disciples of Sodom and Gomorrah,
lovers of the other side of love,
of random lust of human flesh,
the letting loose of pleasure
into the sweaty pits of hell,
of sainted wells made unsainted,
of unholy waters flowing into
the devil’s lot,
the enrollment of the chosen ones
of the disciples of the Anti-Christ,
the formal ritual of the zealous hearted,
the approaching to the altar
with open palms and open heart,
the kneeling down in devotion,
in allegiance to the mighty one,
the hot blooded sultan of evil,
the advocate of pleasure above all,
the one who defies all goodness,
who’s every word is of
spite and debauchery,
the man with the face in the fire,
the man with seven horns,
the man above all men,
of pleasure granted
and righteousness defiled,
an alliance to the Sultan of Evil.

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Nelson D Reyes
12 months

Like the lead photo as well!

Nelson D Reyes
12 months

The flip side of the good world we live in, a soul mate has been if I may say since the primordial light ignited from Chaos.
Great succinct take on Satan’s debauchery through the ages. Love it. Fave as well.
Thank you Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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