Poor house utopia; a contentment arising from the house built in the soul that determines how many goods are still desired and what are enough. Satisfaction comes from the result of that determination. If a surplus of goods is all that makes someone satisfied, he can never be contented.
If he can feel within himself when he has enough, he can reach the state of contentment without any desire for any more material gains. No matter where he lives; in the poor house or a stately manor, if he has that feeling of discontent, he will never be happy. He will always feel unfilled.
The rich either look upon the poor with pity or superiority. They overlook the joy that is inherited through contentment, the most sought after state of everyone, rich or poor. If the poor look upon the rich with envy, they will never have that feeling of contentment in their soul. Envy is their wanting to own all that surplus of things that they don’t need to make them happy. They misunderstand themselves and what they need. When they learn to find the contentment in others, they will learn how to find it within themselves.
Poor house utopia is a house within the soul that knows all about satisfaction and is happy with being just a house without any desire or envy.

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Robert L. Martin
oltre 1 anno

I don't care if I'm poor. I'm just happy the way I am.

Nelson D Reyes
oltre 1 anno

How true.
Here’s my dilemma and it’s not out of envy nor contentment or being rich or poor. I tend to be redundant in my pursuit of happiness. No not in sense of seeking perfection but just that I wanted to be sure of my self that what I am doing is in concert with what my intentions are.

Like. Thanks Robert.

Happiness in a lot of ways is how you feel. And acceptance paves the way.

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Nelson D Reyes

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