Professor Sally

Professor Sally, the hottest of the hotties,
Teaches the guys about the birds and the bees.
With her fingers down and the skirts up high,
She shows all the guys the facts of life.
Her classroom is comprised of the manly gender
Except for Suzie with her eyes in total splendor.
She wants an education like the rest of the guys.
Maybe she also gets a thrill from Sally’s thighs.
With her classroom stuffed up to the very limits
And her students in total vigilance,
Every student passes with flying colors
As Sally’s teachings surpasses all others.
She’s the cream of the crop, the best of the best.
She knows her way around with her curvy chest.
Her intellectual prowess needs a little work,
But how she teaches, Suzie and the gang prefer.
When the bucket is finally kicked by our lady fair,
They should erect a statue of Sally’s derriere.
There’s nothing to remember for what she brought,
For everybody remembered what she taught.
Or maybe change the name of the university
To the “University of Sally” by committee.
Her name should be remembered
For ever and ever.

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