Like skyborne rhythms and graceful lilts
poetic motion of the ebb and flow
lofted oceans and seafarer’s heaven
commander of the quiet immobile skies
drifting in and out of nebulous clouds
up and down celestial cliffs
music in the flow of seagull’s wings
luxuriating in the cushions of sound
kissing the powdery white shores
dancing around the rocks
in step with the music of the earth
under the direction of the skies
the baton of our heavenly maestro
as seagulls take to the sky
with music in their wings
and poetry in their motion
flapping rhythms to sound
and the peace of heaven
the ranting of the mad tempest
rising above the briny crested waves
the graveyards of the lost seafarers
the home of the sunken ships
the hell that rose above the earth
and the heaven that kissed
the sores of the battered ocean
our lady of peace that
opened her wings above the earth
and painted rainbows across the sky
as seagulls flap their wings
to the rhythm of the earth,
the clouds, the motion of the ocean,
the tides, the moon, the sun, the winds,
the peace, the grace, the charm, the spirit,
the music of the spheres, the tears of heaven,
as they make and embrace the rhythm,
the poetry and the life of motion

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Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Indeed poetry in motion. Poetry live! One of Mother Nature’s messengers gracefully happily singing her beauty-seagull.
Beautiful images. Love the heaven kissing the sores of the battered ocean. Soft served surf.
Like. Thanks Robert

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Nelson D Reyes

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