Punching Bags
Passive faces swaying in the wind
With leather skin and open hearts
No minds, no arms, no legs, no feet
Built to take just so many punches
All wear out from a constant pounding
Then they fall down from the final blow
Can’t fight back with no arms, no minds
Retaliation is for the proud  
Winners wear belts made of clever fibers
They weave in and out at a furious pace
They know all the angles and move at will
Passive faces are there for the kill
Life is for heavy weights to settle into
They raise their fists and climb aboard
They punch the day through
Then all go to bed
While punching bags give up
Then lie down on the floor

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Jessamay Ann
over 5 years

I read this yesterday and my first thought was that you were seeing the passive and meek as a lesser group. But your writings in general don't portray you that way. . So I've read it again and I think I see something else. At the end of the day, everyone is either in bed or lying on the floor.. Both groups are laying down. To me, the passive ones are strong. They're taking the beating with open hearts. However, those among us who fight and use minds and arms and legs.. These are just doing the best they can as well. Which way is better? Both but at different times?

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