Conscience, the wise old schoolmaster, walks among his followers and gives not of his philosophies, but instills in them the pain of guilt and the ecstasy of freedom from the hold that guilt has upon you. The intensity of it has given him the insight to recognize its effect on you, and determines what course of action is to be made to stop that pain from harming everyone again that is afflicted by it. The shocking reality from the truth of pain speaks to you more clearly than the definition of it through words spoken.
Words do nothing to increase or decrease the damnation of pain, for they are only an emissary of truth as if the surface represented the whole body of it. Words only starve the intellect from the full effect that pain has on you. Wouldn’t half truth bring to the table the bread that is only half baked or the grapes for the wine that are only half pressed at the harvest? And what judgment do words have upon it? Do they speak to the heart of your heart and live in your soul? Do they keep the flavor of the wine when the vessel is forgotten?
For a sin committed unto others, would not that pain from it be committed unto you? Would not that sin eat at your conscience until your sorrow cries to be let out of your system, like a bird grounded from its broken wings that now give it flight?
Repentance is the wine that spills over because the goblet is too full of the poisoned wine distilled from tainted grapes that the harvesting of them brought to the table. Atonement longs to pull back and defy the chronicles of time to when before that sin was committed; to set you free without that sin.
Jesus Christ at Mount Calvary on that fateful day, released that pain from you that otherwise would have been left to you.

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