Those roving invisible monsters up there,
Hiding in the Arctic and everywhere,
Those deceiving eyes and laughing faces,
With lungs full of air in the wrong places,
That blow southward with all their might,
Challenging the clouds to an all and out fight.
How dare they ruin the warm tranquil days
With their devil’s dance and deceiving ways?
They smile through the sun and laugh at you;
Then they stir you up in their witch’s brew.
They mock the trend of the changing seasons,
And overthrow the winds and commit treason.
How dare they roam the skies without remorse,
And keep their treachery and evil ways on course?
When frigid April and January become the same,
They are the ones that deserve all the blame.
Those damn tricksters that live high in the sky,
That cause the seasons to go awry,
Shame on you, shame on you.

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