Silent Revenge

Silent Revenge

The fog shrouded the moors like an ugly gray blanket, and the valley smelled like death.  The howling from the wolves was the only sound that could be heard.  In the stillness, I awoke, looked around, and shuddered from an eerie sight that was before me.  The naked limbs on the black trees looked like swinging bodies were hanging from them.

I tried to remember how I got there, but the answer evaded me like a runaway steed.  Oh yes, everything is coming back to me.  I remember looking at the barrel of a gun.  I think somebody was sticking it in my face.  Who was that somebody?  I think it was my wife’s lover.  

I made my way back to the village with the taste of revenge surging through my gut.  The night air had a damp chill in it, but my adrenalin served like an open hearth, as I made my way up the hills on the way home.  When the wolves saw I was coming, they fled from me.  The look in my eyes was like fire shooting out from the mouth of a dragon   I was a man on a mission.

I came upon my home where I saw the silhouettes of two lovers in a deep embrace through the window.  I didn’t have any weapons on me, for my own strength was like a mad stallion running through my bones.  I thought to myself.  That is the last time he will ever put his dirty hands upon my wife, for his fate is in my hands now.  I thought about killing both of them, but I was still drawn to her even though she deceived me.

As I went for the doorknob, I couldn’t grasp it.  It went right through my fingers.  I grabbed it again and again, but it still slipped through my hands.  I leaned against the side of the house, but slipped right through it, as I found myself lying upon the floor next to their love bed, my bed.  They didn’t even notice me as they continued their love making.  Nobody could notice me except the wolves.  The gun did go off in my face, as I found myself waking up in the valley of death, the grounds of all spectral spirits.

As it turned out, I got my revenge.  I haunted him all the days of his life, as he couldn’t stand the torture and took his own life.

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