‘Tis no more a nocturnal emptiness,
a sky without a mantle without a crest,
of noble heritage and noble banners,
no castles, cathedrals, or stately manors,
but a grand entrance to the spaces beyond,
a sky brought about by a magic wand,
crests of a trillion-fold in their blazing,
behind the riddled sky of nightward’s raising,
shining through nocturnal canopies of the dark,
lighting up the sky from a kindled spark,
a journey into the spangled nights of wonder,
fragments of sorted gems cast out asunder,
a floating with the planets and the quiet nights,
we are taken by the poetry of the busy skies,
and the mystery of the night with enchanted sighs.

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Nelson D Reyes
8 months

Mesmerizing spangled night sky! My only wish- to see the whole universe spangled glittering from some quiet mountain top where I lay musing some poetic thoughts listening to paradise earth humming.

Beautiful life on earth under a sequined sky!

Beautiful poem Robert. Thanks. Like. Fave.

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Nelson D Reyes

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