That Killing Passion
Cast your dreams aside young man
When love becomes a dead end avenue
Nothing to keep your heart on course
Nothing to bring you to sacred homes
Your darkest side wants room to breath
Into open spaces and peaceful rivers
When adrenalin becomes the fountain of life
Your thirst drives you to drink of it
To savor its flavor and feel your hearty rush
You alone are an army of a thousand soldiers
War is for generals to plan and ponder
Time to lose that one time thrill
When passion calls with booming voices
Time to move with the spirit of the moment
Young man beset with that killing passion
Fill your empty heart with the devil’s delight
Go into sacred fields with your bloody spears
Take the children with you
And wave your banners
When the world is emptied
By all your lusting
You will be crowned the
Killer of all killers
Go forth young man and
Dance with the devil
Go forth young man
And lower yourself
Lower than the animals
Who only kill so they can eat
Stir up that killing passion
Kill until there’s nothing left

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