The Badge

Good Cop

“Power, that wild beast that can rule with reckless abandonment is invested in me.  My conscience won’t let me be corrupted by it.  I know what it can do to those who abuse it.  To dispel that urge to be corrupt, especially since that badge could let me get away with it, is easy for me to do, but not for some.  I’m under the influence of virtue’s dominating effect with the appreciation that I have for how it makes me feel.
The badge gives me the authority to uphold justice and make sure the innocent can live in peace. They are like my family who I must protect and will do anything to make sure they are safe.  Since that power of authority bestowed upon me is easy to abuse, that overbearing spiritual power within won’t let me do it.  I understand why justice is needed and I feel passionate about trying my hardest to preserve it. I vow to protect the innocent like how I would want to be protected if I didn’t have that badge. To have confidence in someone else who looks out for you is to have a taste of what freedom does to you and knowing what being safe feels like.”  

Bad Cop

“Now I have that badge that gives me the authority to live a life of luxury. After all, I deserve it.  I went to school and slaved over those books on criminology all those hours.  Now I have the power to steal from the criminals and if they resist me, I can arrest them.  After all, they stole the money from somebody else.  I can even be included in the payroll of the mobsters and look the other way when they commit a crime.   I can arrest the prostitutes because they wouldn’t let me have my way with them.  When I was young, justice didn’t do me any good.  The bullies at school used to pick on me, and nobody came to help me.  Why should I come to somebody else’s aid?    
I love the feeling of power.  I love to see people cringe when they see me coming.  When I carry my revolver around with me, it scares them.  With that badge, I can push them around and make life miserable for them.  I can get even with those bullies at school by taking it out on somebody else.”

Justice is like a bee.  If it has no stinger,
It has no way to defend itself;
Therefore, the stinger becomes its justice.

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