The Switch

The Switch
Mother Nature, that cruel unforgiving lady
Riding away with pleasure in its final fading
Up and over green meadows into dark tombs
Where life lay motionless in its final rooms
Bearing witness to her skirts for in their rising
White thighs glisten with their quiet tantalizing
From the grave comes life again in all its glory
From mortal beginnings to an immortal story
Thru’ eternal gates pass triumphant yearnings
As witches come to life from prior burnings
The magic of life lies in their secret potions
Brewed from nature’s sweet and bitter oceans
Oh to touch those electric and creamy thighs
The end is nearing for the old and the wise
For those who treasure that blissful feeling
A glorious ascension to that majestic ceiling
Love is a sacred passion for those who know
A paradise ignited by a warming glow
An intimate love story still kept alive
Before the white wings of death do arrive
Take me home while my passion is on high
My switch is on be it nature’s death to defy
While her skin brushes against my fervid face
Still keeping up with life at its furious pace
Mortality is the only thing to keep me still
When the switch is turned off no more thrill
My last heartbeat is a booming blast
To take me to my joyful home at last
My paradise with her touch still lingering

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