Utopian Island, far, far away,
the land of the spirit of
brotherhood in mind and heart
that rules and chastises
as the bartering takes place,
fairness overruling deceit,
where the conscience is the
mediator of the transaction,
where the silken hands
of the divine reach down
and massage the stolid heart
and give it that wholesome feeling,
converting emptiness
to righteousness,
the spirit of the good streaming
from the mind of the almighty
and taking root in the soul,
chastising the bad
and rewarding the good
on its pilgrimage
to the Kingdom,
where the Ten Commandments
are so fully ingrained in the being
that any deviation from the laws
cling to the mind throughout the
days and physically cause pain,
hammering against the walls
of the heart and running
into the conscience,
where the conscience is the
judicial force that oversees
the transaction, the seller who
goes to sleep at night at peace
with himself and the buyer
whose needs are satisfied.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Call upon the divine rule
to come to the market place
and sanctify the scales that
weigh value against value.
Thy neighbor is thy brother,
the one that lives inside you,
the one whose nerves are
connected to your nerves,
the man that is hurting,
causing you great pain,
the one you cheated
while you were bartering,
the one who you
can’t forget in your heart
and never will.
Your conscience is
your self inflicted pain.
Whereas the good in you
becomes the good in him
and the both of you
shall sleep in peace.

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Nelson D Reyes
5 months

Our conscience keeps us in line, decent and civil. But we some in all walks of life fall short in the many daily life’s activities that in many cases sway our decisions to Satan’s teasers. Some are regretful some not. And life goes on.

Ah...but your neighbor’s wife has got the apple. What to do? Calm down, barter with your soul and get your own apple. She may not sleep well but you will.

Like, Touches life at the very core of its being. Thank you Robert.

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
5 months

Thanx Nelson. I know this is far fetched, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone had an overbearing conscience like that? At least I can dream. Also, thanx for ordering my book. That's very kind of you.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
5 months

@Robert: You’re welcome .

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