The old man and his bottle of wine,
His landing on the bottom to come in time,
His weathered face telling sad, sad stories,
His only pleasure is his drunken fantasies.
The will of God is all about the fight,
For dignity, self-esteem, and sole requite.
Life is a bandwagon of aspirations sought,
A meeting at the end what ambition bought.
Ambition is the employment of God’s will at birth,
A value on what’s begotten and for what it’s worth,
An achievement acquired through the love of labor,
The proper ingredients to bring about the right flavor.
For those who give up is a downward spiral,
From a place at the summit, so easy to fall,
Or from a place next door, a softer landing,
But all in all, a bad place withstanding.
As he touches the bottom in his smelly clothes,
His destiny is begotten from what he sows.
Yet this man is as beautiful as a prince
Through the eyes of God for ever since.
His blood is the effervescent fountain of life
And his body regenerates all systems alike.
Yet this old man and his bottle of wine,
Looks forward to the day he runs out of time.
Little does he know that he’s so beautiful,
An integral part of God’s creation to fulfill.
Little does he know that he is loved by Him
As he falls from the summit down to the bottom,
Down to the bottom with his bottle of wine.

When I was in San Francisco last week, I saw that old man.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 3 years

Nice tribute to our down and hopefully not out brothers (and sisters). In Santa Ana River area north of where I live a tent city is currently being cleared and the homeless are being housed in local motel rooms until the entire riverside , about 2-3 miles, is cleaned and cleared. There’s no mention of a permanent resettlement.
As you maybe aware San Francisco is in the headlines about the city’s street sanitary conditions, yet is still one of the best places to visit.
All of us is “an integral part of God’s creation and are loved by Him” I agree and no matter where we hit the bottom with whatever we have or not have with us we are assured of being “risen”.
I wrote a poem about a risen tree, will post it on the 1st of March.
Like. Thank you Robert.

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