Hot and Cold

Eyes of a saint and eyes of a beast,
So quick to turn and travel east,
Her smiles of passion and heated lust,
The rules of the game ‘tis what thou dost,
Daughter of the earth and wily ventures,
With alluring eyes and everything of hers,
Of poetic proportions and slender feet,
Out from the cold nights into the heat,
A restless child too seasoned to call a child,
A tamer of lovers with intentions beguiled,
Calling forth love and its ride to the paradise,
Its exotic journey and another one twice,
A perennial enchantment in the heart and mind,
How love blossoms of the romantic kind,
But not such is she with her wayward look,
As she runs away with the hearts she took.
Out of the cold and into the hot,
Then out of the hot back into the cold,
She goes upon her way on the rocky road.

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