The Leaning

The Leaning
Some of us walk forthright
With a definite plan in our lives.
Some of us wander and crawl
With only today on our minds.
The prosperous hold on to
What they have.  
The needy try to pry it
Away from them.
The prosperous
Lean on themselves.
The needy lean on them.
Too much taken away
From those who have,
Deprives them of the
Prosperity that they are
Entitled to keep.
Their newly acquired status
Induces them to be
Leaners on the
Prosperity of others
Charity is a righteous deed
And a spiritual fulfillment,
But done with caution,
And sometimes must be
Taken away in a cruel manner.
Survival is a selfish implementation,
And the leaning must stand erect

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