The Closure  

Can anger really end?  Can a reconciliation reach deep enough into the soul and prevent the anger from resurfacing again?
Love and trust are extensions of the Hoy Spirit that lives through us.  We are what God created us to be.  It is up to us to live up to his expectations of us.  We are united with each other through the love that is instilled in us to live by.  From birth, the influence of God’s perfect love is slowly disappearing from our system, and when it finds someone else to reciprocate it, it rejuvenates itself.  A friendship is formed through that love and the need to confide in someone else.
If one friend’s trust should weaken and that confidence is broken, the repercussion from it depends upon how deep the hurt carved into our system and how well we can handle it.
If the Holy Spirit influenced our friendship, then why can’t it influence the way we handle the way we respond to the harm that’s been done to us?  Since forgiveness is the way of God, reconciliation should work.  If we lose sight of God through the relationship, then retaliation would be the natural way to handle the deceit.
Since humanity is a long way from being God-like, that hurt that is within us will never go away.  No form of reconciliation has enough power to make it disappear completely.  Humanity will always be revengeful in nature.  No peace treaty will ever last.  The only closure that would work would be handled in a God-like fashion.

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